Antique dolls, doll clothes, collectible teddy bears, toys and other treasures.

Tricia has had a lifelong love of antique dolls, collectible dolls, antique bears, and accessories. It is now time to find new homes for the lifetime collection of treasures that she has amassed. Tricia also has teddy bears and dolls from celebrated artists, antique collectable animals, doll accessories, jewellery and dresses, antique books and so much more!

Enter the enchanting world of Tricia's Treasures - we're sure there will be something waiting for you. Make sure you bookmark or link to this site to check an ever-changing array of treasures, as we will keep adding new items as we unpack them.

If you have a question, please contact us - we'd love to hear from you!    

* News * We have some Robin Rive bears available.   
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...but first, enjoy a little of our country.....

Tricia and Cliff relaxing at Tutukaka, one of New Zealand's wonderful coastal holiday spots.

This is the flower of the New Zealand pohutukawa tree, which blossoms around December and is often called the "Christmas tree".